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Valyrian Forged

the fanworks community of westeros sorting

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

about the community

***You must be a sorted member of westerosorting to join this community!***

Valyrian Forged is the ASOIAF related fanart/fanfic/graphics subcommunity of the sorted members of Westeros Sorting. Please make sure to read about the correct format of posting and such in the rules section of the userinfo.

Your moderators are misstopia (Lord Commander), missyquill (Lannister), rebel (Lannister),jesatria (Martell), alenky_cveto4ek (Stark), muku_muku (Stark), mauvais_pli (Targaryen), ikel89 (Targaryen), kibethsbark (Tully), moryssa (Tully), moderntrickster (Tully), hamsterwoman (Tyrell) and sephystabbity (Tyrell).

Your community founders are cyshobbitlass, deeplyunhip, and honest_illusion.


1. Please make sure to post graphics/fanart/fanfic that you made. If you want to promote the works of others, then please promote them but do not claim them as your own.

2. Always follow the correct format when you post or your entry would not be approved by the moderators.

A.) For graphics:
First time poster?
# of basic cropped or text only icons:
# of icons with effects (animation, text/image combinations, brushes, coloring, lighting, etc.):
# of basic larger graphics (banners, sigtags, etc.):
# of larger graphics with effects:
# of colorbars:
# of colorbars with original icons:
# of variations (of any type of graphic):
# of simple macros or demotivators (made with a generator):
# of elaborate macros or demotivators (made without a generator):

B.) For fanart:
First time poster?
Category: [see THIS POST for information]
Characters/subject/brief description:

C.) For fanfic:

Longer Fic
First time poster?
Subject and/or brief description:
Word count:
# of scenes:

First time poster?
Subject and/or brief description:
Word count (exactly 100 earns a 5 point bonus):

Original Songs and/or Poetry
First time poster?
Subject and/or brief description:
Word count:

3. Always put your graphics/fanart/fanfic below an LJ cut. You may use no more than three teaser icons or a small preview for your fanart but put the rest of the images behind a cut. Feel free to use a fake LJ cut so that you could get all your feedback in one place but please make sure that the entry is not 'friends only'.

4. A.) The points distribution for graphics is as follows:
-Each basic cropped icon or text-only icon will receive a base of 2 points. An extra 2 points will be added for icons with effects (text + image combination, brushes, animation, etc.)
-Each basic larger form graphic will receive a base of 5 points. An extra 2 points will be added for large form graphics with effects (text + image combination, brushes, animation, etc.)
-Colorbars get a flat 5 points, unless the icons are newly made for the colorbar, in which case icon points will be added on to the base 5.
-Simple macros and demotivators will be worth 3 points each in valyrian_forged. More elaborate macros and/or demotivators, made without the help of a generator, will be worth 5 points each in valyrian_forged.

B.) The points distribution for fanart is as follows:

*Doodles = 5 + 1/extra subject
*Simple Sketch = 10 + 3/extra subject
*Elaborate Sketch -or- Inked/Cleaned Lineart = 15 + 5/extra subject
*Simple Shading = 20 + 10/extra subject
*Intermediary Shading = 50 + 15/extra subject
*Elaborate Shading = 80 + 20/extra subject

+Imported background = 5
+Doodled background = 5 + 1/large
+Simple sketch background = 10 + 3/large
+Elaborate sketch -or- Inked/Cleaned lineart background = 15 + 5/large
+Simple background = 20 + 10/large
+Intermediary background = 50 + 15/large
+Elaborate background = 80 + 20/large
+Scenery bonus = 100% (for noncomic art with undefined/scenic subjects)
+Comics panels = 5/panel
+Comics text = 1/10 words
+Comics layount bonus = 0-25 (for comics with particularly creative layouts)

C.) The points distribution for fanvid is as follows:
* 50 points simple/short video (no sound, just images and less than 1 minute)
+ 20 points for each minute/30 seconds or so
+ 30 points for sound
+ 30 points for fancy effects

C.) The points distribution for fanfic is as follows: Regular fan fiction will receive 10 points per every 100 words.

-Each scene will receive a base of 20 points, in addition to the word-count points.
-Drabbles will receive a base of 5 points, in addition to the word-count points. Drabbles that are exactly 100 words will receive another 5 point bonus.
-Original songs and poetry will receive a 25% bonus.
-Song parodies will receive 5 points per every ten lines of song, excluding repeated lines.

*First time posters in valyrian_forged will recieve a 15% bonus on their work.

5. While constructive criticism might be welcomed, bashing would never be.

6. The moderators have the ability to deny points to something if we (we meaning the majority, 9/16 of us) feel that it was not made with earnest effort. We're going to do our best to be gentle and fair on this, so please don't worry. It's just a measure we're taking to avoid excessive spamming

7. Old fanworks (produced before you joined the community) will not receive points.

8. There will be a new theme announced each month. People are not required to go with the theme, but extra points will be given for those works that do.
All fanworks will receive a 20% bonus when they are related to the monthly theme.

9. Self-insertion will not be permitted in valyrian_forged (though you are free to do whatever you'd like with that in jesteros, if you are so inclined).

10. Fics featuring original characters may also receive points, as long the OCs are either A. fleshed-out versions of minor ASOIAF characters or B. not prominently featured.

11. In order to encourage quality we are having votes on particular pieces. Whatever pieces are voted as the best art, fic, graphic, and "other" (craft, music, song parody, etc.) of the month will be receiving 200 extra points, with runners up receiving 25 points. At the end of each month, the mods will nominate their personal favorite pieces, in all categories, in thenightswatch. Community polls will then take place to determine the winners.

12. When posting graphics made from fanart, crediting the fanartists will now be REQUIRED. Points will not be given until the fanartists have been given credit.

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